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50th Anniversary Campaign

Want to be a “concrete” part of OGS?
Want to leave a legacy in “stone”?
NOW is your chance!
During the 2018 Annual Business Meeting, the members approved the resurfacing of the OGS
Library parking lot. The cracks will be fixed, the parking blocks will be replaced, and a
protective seal will be added…a two year process with partial payment in 2018. After a year
when the resurfacing is finished, the balance will be due..
So I had an idea! It is the 50 th Anniversary of OGS so what
if each member donated $50 to OGS during 2019?
And what if each member made their donation on or before
September 2019?

As a thank you for the donation,
  • a list of donors will be made which can be framed and hung in the OGS library,
  • each donor will receive a lapel button pin signifying the donation, and
  • the donor names will be listed in the OGS newsletter (no dollar amount listed).

For convenience, you can donate on the website using PayPal.

Or you can write a check payable to the Ozarks Genealogical Society (OGS)
…hand the check to any board member at one of the monthly meetings.
…take the check to the OGS library and leave it with the library volunteer.
…mail the check to Ozarks Genealogical Society: P. O. Box 3945, Springfield, MO 65808

Please Print - complete form and attach to the check
MAILING ADDRESS___________________________________________________
EMAIL ADDRESS______________________________________________________
PHONE NUMBER or other contact information_ ____________________________
DONATION AMOUNT______$50 ______Other

A book is being compiled titled: History of Ozarks Genealogical Society which will be available
in digital form after March 2019. A downloaded copy with cost $5.00, or a paper copy $10.00.