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Six-Week DNA Class

Six-Week DNA Course


3 October through 7 November, 2019

OGS Library, 534 West Catalpa, Springfield, MO

Patti Lee Hobbs, CG®


Each three-hour session will run from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Thursdays. Each session will include lecture, hands-on exercises, and assigned homework. Registration will be limited to 25 people. There will be a waiting list.


Tentative schedule

3 October: Introduction, Y-DNA, and mitochondrial DNA

10 October: Fundamentals of autosomal DNA, AncestryDNA match list and tools

17 October: Company tools: MyHeritage and FamilyTreeDNA, Combining shared relatives, shared DNA, and pedigrees to identify unknown relatives

24 October: Autosomal DNA: Shared Segments, DNAPainter

31 October: Third-Party tools: GEDmatch and DNAGEDCOM (we will only touch on GEDmatch because of the GEDmatch workshop on 16 November).

7 November: Problem solving with autosomal DNA


Requirements: You must have taken at least one autosomal DNA test with AncestryDNA. Then either test with or transfer DNA (from AncestryDNA) to MyHeritage (one-time transfer fee of $29 or subscription) or FamilyTreeDNA (one-time transfer fee of $19). Instructions will be provided to those who register. Also required is a laptop. A large tablet might work, but the small screens and lack of a keyboard generally make the work flow much smaller and inefficient.


Cost: $60 for OGS members; $70 for non-members.

Sign up online through PayPal, or at the OGS workshops, or by mailing payment. (Non-internet payment and registration form below.)


Registration Options


Non-Internet Payments

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