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1890 Census Substitute (Surnames A-M)
Most of the original 1890 Census (including Greene County, Missouri) was destroyed by fire and resulting water damage. A group of OGS volunteers has been working for years to fill the research void with a substitute census using other contemporary records.
To date, we have transcribed over 20,000 names from seven different, local 1890 documents.  Some of these names will be duplicates because a person may have been listed in multiple documents such as the County Directory and the Tax List.  Research indicates the original 1890 United States Census of Greene County had 48,616 residents, which means that we have identified less than half of those recorded residents.  Our current  step in the transcription project is to compare the 1880 and 1900 census records and match them to the 1890 residents we have identified so far.  We are looking for any additional family members that might have been in the household in 1890 to round out our reconstructed census records.  At the same time that we are making these comparisons we are also attempting to  clean up the duplicate entries we have for an individual that were identified in multiple documents.
This is a major project requiring  significant volunteer time and effort. We  have a small yet devoted volunteer crew, but we can always use more active participants and would welcome anyone that might be interested.  If you would like to join us to help complete the final sections of the alphabet and get us across the finish line even sooner, please contact Charisse Cameron at 417-830-1290 or cyd710@gmail.com.
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Actions Last Name   First Name Relationship Age Gender
View Detail Agee Christenia Daughter 17 Female
View Detail Agee J C Head 63 Male
View Detail Agee J S G Son 25 Male
View Detail Agee Jane Wife 59 Female
View Detail Agee Martha Wife 31 Female
View Detail Agee Mary J Wife 29 Female
View Detail Agele J C
View Detail Agnew Alice Wife 37 Female
View Detail Agnew Blanche Gertrude Daughter 15 Female
View Detail Agnew Caroline, Carrie Wife 42 Female
View Detail Agnew Ellie E Daughter 2 Female
View Detail Agnew Frank C Son 0 Male
View Detail Agnew Franklin P Head 37 Male
View Detail Agnew George P Son 12 Male
View Detail Agnew Harry C Son 18 Male
View Detail Agnew James P
View Detail Agnew John L Head 48 Male
View Detail Agnew John L
View Detail Agnew Mabel Daughter 20 Female
View Detail Agnew Mamie I Daughter 5 Female
View Detail Agnew Mary Wife 25 Female
View Detail Agnew S P
View Detail Agnew Wm D Head 38 Male
View Detail Agricola R
View Detail Ahern Henry
View Detail Ahler Henry Head 61 Male
View Detail Aiken C W
View Detail Ailey Joseph
View Detail Ailey Joseph
View Detail Ainsworth Edward F
View Detail Ainsworth Frank
View Detail Ainsworth Mattie
View Detail Akers Kate Female
View Detail Akers Mary E Female
View Detail Akin Charlie Son 3 Male
View Detail Akin Christefer C Son 15 Male
View Detail Akin Doshie Daughter 13 Female
View Detail Akin Elizabeth Head 40 Female
View Detail Akin Elizabeth Wife 21 Female
View Detail Akin Ethel Daughter 1 Female
View Detail Akin Geo W Son 23 Male
View Detail Akin George D Son 18 Male
View Detail Akin Harriet
View Detail Akin J P
View Detail Akin J S
View Detail Akin James P Head 51 Male
View Detail Akin Josie Daughter 8 Female
View Detail Akin Kindrick Son 6 Male
View Detail Akin Lillie Daughter 8 Female
View Detail Akin Margaret Daughter 29 Female
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