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1890 Census Substitute
     Welcome to the Reconstructed 1890 Census for Greene County, MO.  This database of information was manually compiled by many Ozarks Genealogical Society (OGS) volunteers, over a four year period.  There were two phases to the process.  First we transcribed names from local 1890 records.  The second phase was to evaluate the names we had gathered, attempt to combine any duplicate names into a single record, and then we compared those names to the census records for 1880 and 1900.  When we could identify a family that had existed in either the census before and/or after 1890, we added those spouses and children to our database. 
     The result of our effort is an 1890 Greene County Census of 22,369 names.  Unfortunately, we may still have some duplicate names listed because of the local documents we used for the initial transcription.  The tax list more often used initials, and other documents used full names and it was not always possible to definitively combine records.  
     Before the original 1890 Census burned in 1921, it was reported that Greene County, MO had a resident count of 48,616, which was approximately 20,000 more people than in 1880.  During this late 1800's timeframe, the birth and growth of the westward expansion of the railroad is obvious in Greene County.  In the initial step of transcribing the city and county directories, it was apparent that a lot of citizens worked for the railroad, and they probably had families that lived that nomadic lifestyle with them.  A lot of those reported individuals could not be found in the 1880 nor 1900 Greene County census records, and therefore we were not able to round out a full household for that reported individual. 
     We hope that our efforts will prove to enhance your research.
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Actions Last Name   First Name Relationship Age Gender
View Detail Allen L A
View Detail Allen Laura Female
View Detail Allen Lillie Dau 1 Female
View Detail Allen Louisana Female
View Detail Allen Marion Son 12 Male
View Detail Allen Mary Female
View Detail Allen Michael
View Detail Allen Nathan Head 53 Male
View Detail Allen Nellie Female
View Detail Allen Perry T Head 25 Male
View Detail Allen S G
View Detail Allen Sallie Female
View Detail Allen Sarah Wife 27 Female
View Detail Allen Seth
View Detail Allen T M
View Detail Allen Thomas Head 32 Male
View Detail Allen Thomas M
View Detail Allen W L
View Detail Allen Wellington
View Detail Allen William Son 5 Male
View Detail Allen William S
View Detail Allen Wm
View Detail Allen Wm M
View Detail Allenbach Abraham Self/Head 39 Male
View Detail Alliot John 67 m
View Detail Allison Jennie Female
View Detail Allmon Ira
View Detail Allmond Chas Head 43 Male
View Detail Allmond Jesse Ledama Daughter 12 Female
View Detail Allmond Mary J Wife 33 Female
View Detail Allmond Melvin Son 11 Male
View Detail Allmond Myrtle Daughter 7 Female
View Detail Allmond Orval Son 9 Male
View Detail Almond Anna G Wife 74 Female
View Detail Almond Claud Son 1 Male
View Detail Almond Edna Daughter 5 Female
View Detail Almond Edward Head 77 Male
View Detail Almond Frank Son 8 Male
View Detail Almond Jennie
View Detail Almond John S
View Detail Almond John S Head 32 Male
View Detail Almond Mary I (Arrena) Wife 27 Female
View Detail Alms Geo
View Detail Alsup A J
View Detail Alsup A J (Andrew) Head 38 Male
View Detail Alsup Estella Daughter 14 Female
View Detail Alsup Florence M Wife 33 Female
View Detail Alsup Fred C Son 8 Male
View Detail Alsup G L
View Detail Alsup G L (Gabe) Head 31 Male
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